Nasus vs renekton

nasus vs renekton

Nasus cant out trade you early so use that to your advantage. Try to always be infront of the minions so that every time Naus tries to stak his Q you make him pay. Come at me Renekton | Nasus, Best Top Lane EVAR.. Nasus build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Nasus Strategy Builds. Check out the streamer: → Runes & Masteries:

Nasus vs renekton - sex

However, Nasus scales into the late game infinitely better then Ren, unless Ren is horribly fed. Renekton basically auto wins the lane because of the way his skills work. However, as Nasus you kind of assume you lose the early lane phase anyway just by picking him. You see if the game drags on long enough nasus will out scale you. You can always argue "well, if nasus player does this.. Sometimes you might not even care though- if you've built spirit visage and have a huge lead you could easily just 2 shot their mid and escape Just force them to either 1 fight you or 2 sacrifice objectives. Want to add to the discussion? Eventually you will get to the point where he has enough defensive itemisation that you can't reasonably kill him, the minion wave will push into a tower, and he will be able to sit there and cs while you can't kill him or the tower at least not without putting yourself at substantial risk. Build s Discussion More Nasus Guides. Obviously there is a some wiggle room for player skill on both sides. Nasus will outscale Renekton by the midgame, once he purchases his FH at around the minute mark. Leave the lane and start winning the game. How worried you should be regarding Nasus's lategame is entirely dependent on your teamcomp. Log In Sign Up. Http:// also applies to bans. Kill the enemy jungler. Shove, get the outer tower, push she wont let him pull out far in as you reasonably can, then do something with craigslist gay hookup team elsewhere. Obviously there noill a some wiggle room for player skill on both sides.

Nasus vs renekton - the

Report this Ad Found a bad ad? Build s Discussion More Nasus Guides. If so please give them a vote or leave a comment. Walk mid gank mid. KajeI KajeI 3 years ago 2 If Renek doesn't dump on Nasus for the first levels he's done something horribly wrong and deserves his inevitable whooping.

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Baron' the Buffs (League of Legends) This is an archived post. Staying in his lane isn't gonna win you the game, he'll just keep farming up. Nasus will always win. Choose your username Your username is how other community dirty talk handjob will see you. Runs out, comes back finger guy ass glacial shroud and maybe a sheen. Please login or register. Already have an account? He will zone him to the point that nasus will get to the later game minutes after rene's there. Notes optional; required for "Other": I love all you Nasus mains. Try to have your jungle gank Nasus early on because late game he can become a monster if you let him farm freely. Want to add to the discussion? Your votes and comments encourage our guide authors to continue creating helpful guides for the League of Legends community. I laugh as I watch people ignore the past, lie about the present, and misrepresent the future. KagaiYami KagaiYami 3 years ago 1 i am someone who doesnt really play ranked as im not a fan of draft. In both games I won lane hard but my other lanes and jungle struggled so we ended up losing. Also look to dive mid generally an AP or squishy champ, and a renekton with ult can tank tower shots for a long time. He has to build dmg to do dmg. Don't have an account? Our rules apply not just to Reddit but also to our Discord!

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